Play with your avatar.

You can become a dwarf and go on a great adventure in the everyday world.
Or summon your favorite character and take a walk in the real world.

This is a magical AR controller that makes everyday life a little more fun.

How to Use

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Let's play with different motions!

7 default motions

Motion Shop

Visit the Motion Shop to select a new motion!

Easy-to-use pose set for photos!

Cute Poses

Cool Poses

Longer motions, ideal for video!

Fighting Motions

Cute Motions


Add Avatar

Add from QR code or URL

If you have your original avatar on your personal cloud service, you can add your avatar by entering the URL of the storage location.
You can also add avatars from other companies' CG creation services that issue a URL when the CG is completed.

Add from your device

If you have saved your avatar on the device you are using the app on, you can add it directly.

Add from external services

You can search within external sites and add them to AVATAVI.
Currently, Sketchfab and VRoidHub are supported.

Compatible data formats fbx / vrm / gltf / glb / zip

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