Motion Shop

You can purchase a variety of motions at the Motion Shop in the application. Try to find a motion that suits your favorite avatar.

Cute Poses

Cool Poses

Fighting Motions

Cute Motions

Cute Poses


Poses that can be used to introduce something in an exaggerated way!


Pose with a hand outstretched in front of the face for a photo shoot.

Finger Heart

You and your avatar can make hearts with your fingers!


A pose in which you crouch in place. Recommended when you do not want to sit directly on the ground.

Happy Turn

A fun, moody pose with hands outstretched and spinning.

Fashion Model

Pose like a fashion model.      

Cool Poses

Hey !

One hand up in a casual greeting! Let's look cool.


It is a cool pose with hands on hips.


The pose is best suited for a suit and gentlemanly guidance.


Kneeling and hanging his head, a knightly pose.

Blow a Kiss

It is a throwing kiss, or a racy pose, like throwing a rose.


The "KABEDON" pose as seen in Japanese anime. Try using it to put your hands on the wall.

Fighting Motionsト

High Kick

A simple kick that delivers a powerful shot!


A combo move worth watching, with kicks, uppercuts, etc. mixed in!

Kick Combo

A combo of different kicks mixed together! Recommended for long-legged avatar.


A simple jab, blindingly fast.       

Back Turning Kick

One backward turn and kick! That's the back turning kick!

Turning Kick

It's an acrobatic technique of kicking while jumping!


Cute Motions

Wave Hands

It is an idol-like movement, waving both hands.


It is the movement of a princess, pinching her skirt and bowing.


Brilliant one-turn! Recommended when you want to show the clothes.

Pointing Dance

Easy Pointing Dance! Let's imitate and dance together!


Dance with a twisting upper body! Let's imitate and dance!


"Hooray!" pose with both hands raised in the air. Don't be too happy and fall down...?