Move your avatar distributed by QR code with AR!

* QR codes that are not for AVATAVI may not be readable.

Step. 1

Download the AVATAVI app

First, download the "AVATAVI" application to play with AR.

Step. 2

Tap the Home button in the upper right corner of the AVATAVI app screen and select "Add Avatar.

Step. 3

Tap the "QR code icon" on the right side of the screen to read your QR code.

*You must be connected to the Internet.
*Depending on your line, it may take several seconds to download.

Step. 4

Let's get out there!

Then, tap the "Go Out" button to summon your avatar to the real world!

* About the Avatars Distributed

AVATAVI does not manage distribution avatars, as they vary by distribution facility, event, and licensor.